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Annexx Toulon

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116 Avenue de Digne
83130 La Garde

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Alarm in each unit

Alarm in each unit

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Contract without commitment

24/7 Video surveillance

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0,5 to 3 m2

1 to 8,1 m3

3,5 to 6 m2

9,5 to 16,2 m3

6,5 to 9,5 m2

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10 to 16 m2

27 to 43,2 m3

17 m2 and +

45,9 m3 and +

0,5 to 3 m2

1 to 8,1 m3

6 sizes available

3,5 to 6 m2

9,5 to 16,2 m3

6 sizes available

6,5 to 9,5 m2

17,6 to 24,3 m3

7 sizes available

10 to 16 m2

27 to 43,2 m3

8 sizes available

17 m2 and more

45,9 m3 and more

4 sizes available

For every other sizes, even higher than 25m², contact us at 04 94 28 84 11

Storage unit from 1m² to 20m²

Storage unit from 1m² to 20m²

Height of the unit 2.70m. A 10 m² unit has a volume of 27 m³.

Height of the unit 2.70m

No application or deposit fees

No fees for application

Your self storage store Annnexx Toulon

Rent a self storage unit in Toulon

Why choose Annexx self storage for a storage unit rental in Toulon?

Annexx provides practical and reliable self storage solutions for individuals looking to store their personal belongings. People choose Annexx for a variety of reasons, including flexibility, security, quality, comfort, accessibility, and price.

When it comes to flexibility, Annexx offers self storage units in a range of sizes, from 1 m² to 25 m², allowing customers to choose the perfect unit size for their specific needs. In addition, Annexx offers flexible rental terms, enabling customers to rent a unit for as long or as short a period as necessary.

One of the most important factors when it comes to self storage is security. Annexx provides high-level security features, such as secure locks, gated access, and surveillance cameras, to ensure that customers' possessions are protected and secure. Each unit also has an individual door alarm to give customers peace of mind.

Annexx designs its self storage centers based on high-quality standards to provide exceptional services in Toulon. The units are equipped to offer customers a comfortable storage experience throughout their rental period, with handling equipment, elevators, and ample parking.

Accessibility is also a significant factor that customers consider when choosing a self storage facility. Annexx offers facilities in Toulon that are accessible year-round, allowing customers to access their possessions at their convenience without scheduling an appointment. The facilities are conveniently located for easy access.

Finally, the storage units in Toulon start at 1 m², providing a range of storage options that fit any budget. Renting a self storage unit can be a cost-effective alternative to renting additional living or office space. Additionally, customers only pay for the space they need, saving money on unneeded space.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Toulon

What is a storage unit?

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A storage unit is a room surrounded by walls, locked (with a padlock or lock) in which you can store your belongings. Whether it's for 1 month or 1 year, a storage unit can be used to store your belongings on all occasions and for as long as you want.

Do the unis have electric outlets?

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No, our storage units are not equipped with electric outlets. However, it is possible to set up a special arrangement for professionals depending on the equipment that needs to be connected. This service is subject to billing.

Is the center lit at night?

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Yes, all our centers are lit to ensure night surveillance. Parking lots and outdoor spaces are lit and monitored 24/7.
As part of our CSR commitments, the unit corridors are equipped with an automatic lighting system with sensors. Thus the lights only turn on when movement is detected.

What is the difference between Annexx insurance and my personal insurance?

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The insurance offered by UMANN is specific to self-storage and covers all potential risks. The different coverage options available ensure that you choose the appropriate coverage for the items you wish to store. To simplify your life, we offer the option to subscribe to specialized insurance when signing your contract. You will then have no additional steps to take.
To find out if your usual insurer offers specific coverage for storage, please contact them and check the various options available.

Can you help me move?

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Yes! We can provide you with the contact details of movers or partner utility vehicle companies. To discover the options available at your center, contact your advisors.

What are the terms and conditions for termination?

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Annexx contracts are non-binding. You can terminate your contract whenever you want! To do so, go to your Customer Space or contact the advisors at your Annexx center by email or phone and indicate the desired departure date.

Remember: you must inform your advisors at least 15 days before your departure date to comply with the notice period.

Did you know?
If your actual departure date is between the 1st and the 14th of the month, your contract will end on the 15th.
If your actual departure date is between the 15th and the last day of the month, your contract will end on the last day of the month.

Customer reviews for this self storage store

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07 October 2023

Prices are correct Clean box Friendly and attentive to requests


03 October 2023

Very satisfied with the welcome received by those present at the office A minor drawback is that the drop-off point is often congested with numerous v...


04 September 2023

Very welcoming. Very safe.


01 September 2023

Very satisfied


26 August 2023

The team's welcome was always perfect. They anticipated my needs with professionalism and kindness.


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