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A wealth of advice for moving, storage and storage unit rental

Your house is too small, your family is growing, you like to accumulate objects... there is always a good reason to need more space. Discover all the advice of the Selfstorage blog, specialist of the furniture storage in France.

The Selfstorage blog brings you many tips and solutions to save space at home. Generally speaking, the three main solutions are :

  • To tidy up and sort out your stuff at home
  • To store part of your belongings in a storage unit
  • To move from your current home

Whatever your decision, you will find on this blog all the tips and tricks to help you in these main categories.

Tips to learn more about certain cities in France

The Selfstorage blog brings you advice on the self storage business because it is one of the players in this business. To accompany you in your numerous projects, you can consult the articles made available to you. For example, you can read about the real estate market in Bordeaux, how to use a storage unit in Lyon, or simply how to prepare your move in Paris.

Indeed, moving is not only about going from point A to point B: it is necessary to prepare it, to get information about the choice of the city, to organize the boxes, etc. Our articles inform you about all these steps, provide you with lists, tell you who to contact, give you information about the cities in France... For example, you can read an article about the sales depots in Saint-Etienne, to sort out your stuff before moving, as well as the reasons to move to Toulon.

The Selfstorage Blog: advice for everyone and every need

Indeed, the Selfstorage Blog offers you numerous articles with information for individuals, including students. You can discover feedback from each of these personalities through our testimonials, whether it concerns the rental of a storage unit in Montpellier, student aid in Nantes, a home in Pau...

Finally, the Selfstorage Blog also reveals news about the Annexx company, with for example extracts from its Guestbook. These are verified opinions of customers published on specialized websites, on social networks or in the books available in the reception of its centers. You can thus consult this office rental in Marseille, or this long-distance move to Perpignan, as well as this feedback in Toulouse.