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Annexx Nantes - Est

9.6/10 (447 avis)
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24 Chemin des Bateliers
44300 Nantes

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Find the unit size that suits your needs with our calculator.

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Alarm in every unit

Alarm in every unit

Only center in Nantes ventilated 7 days a week, thus reducing the risk of humidity

Only center ventilated 7 days a week

24/7 video surveillance

24/7 video surveillance

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0,5 to 3 m2

1 to 8,1 m3

3,5 to 6 m2

9,5 to 16,2 m3

6,5 to 9,5 m2

17,6 to 25,7 m3

10 to 16 m2

27 to 43,2 m3

17 m2 and +

45,9 m3 and +

0,5 to 3 m2

1 to 8,1 m3

6 sizes available

3,5 to 6 m2

9,5 to 16,2 m3

6 sizes available

6,5 to 9,5 m2

17,6 to 24,3 m3

6 sizes available

10 to 16 m2

27 to 43,2 m3

6 sizes available

17 m2 and more

45,9 m3 and more

8 sizes available

For every other sizes, even higher than 70m², contact us at 02 72 88 33 50

Storage unit from 1m² to 50m²

Storage unit from 1m² to 50m²

Unit height 2.70 m. A 10 m² unit has a volume of 27 m3

Unit height 2.70 m

No administration fees or deposit required

No administration fees

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Annexx Nantes - Saint Herblain

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2 Impasse de l'Estuaire
44800 Saint-Herblain

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Small : Starting at 19€

Medium : Starting at 30.5€ (-50%)

Large : Starting at 141€

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Your self storage store Annnexx Nantes - Est

Rent a self storage unit in Nantes - Est

Rent a secure and flexible self storage unit in East Nantes

Self storage units provide a hassle-free and trustworthy way to store your personal belongings. Here are some of the primary reasons why individuals use self storage units:

  • Convenient Access: Annexx self storage centers in Paris are accessible all year round, enabling you to retrieve your possessions without making an appointment. With multiple locations across the city, accessing your belongings has never been easier.
  • High Security: Self storage units offer a high level of security, with features such as surveillance cameras, secure locks, and gated access. Each unit also has an individual door alarm to ensure the safety of your belongings.
  • Quality Service: Annexx and other self storage companies design their facilities to meet strict quality standards, ensuring a high-quality self storage service in Paris.
  • Comfortable Experience: Annexx self storage units in Paris are equipped with modern amenities, including handling equipment and elevators, to provide you with a comfortable storage experience throughout your rental period.
  • Affordable Pricing: The storage units available for rent in Paris start at 1 square meter, offering you a range of storage options to fit your budget.
  • Flexible Options: Self storage units are available in various sizes ranging from 1 to 25 square meters, allowing you to choose the appropriate unit size for your specific needs. Annexx also offers flexible rental terms, allowing you to rent for as short or as long as you need.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Renting a self storage unit is usually more cost-effective than renting additional living or office space, and you only pay for the space you need, avoiding wasting money on unused space.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Nantes - Est

Is the padlock included in the rental?

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No, however, when you make your reservation, you can buy a padlock (€16.90) or rent a padlock (€1.99/month).

How are Annexx centers maintained?

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We are committed to providing you with the best service for your storage rental. To ensure the protection of your belongings and the safety of our customers, we deploy the best surveillance systems. All devices are checked daily by our on-site teams and maintenance is provided by an expert self-storage provider. To offer you a comfortable service in a healthy environment, our staff ensures the cleanliness of the building, and our on-site team regularly performs checks. If you notice a cleanliness problem, please notify your center, specifying the nearest unit number.

Is the center lit at night?

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Yes, all our centers are lit to ensure night surveillance. Parking lots and outdoor spaces are lit and monitored 24/7.
As part of our CSR commitments, the unit corridors are equipped with an automatic lighting system with sensors. Thus the lights only turn on when movement is detected.

Do I need to declare the items I wish to store?

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No. However, you must declare their value (for insurance) so that your items are properly covered in case of damage. For any additional questions, please contact our specialized advisors.

Can I buy moving boxes and supplies on site?

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Yes. All of our Annexx centers have a moving supply store located in the Reception area. We offer all the packaging, protection, and boxes you need to move stress-free. With our Click & Collect system, order your supplies on our website and pick them up at the Annexx center of your choice whenever you want!
Did you know? We've designed a list of necessary materials based on the amount of belongings you need to store (more info: How many boxes to plan for?).

I am late in paying my rent, what should I do?

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You must pay your rent between the 1st and the 5th evening of each month. Beyond this date and after six days of delay, late payment penalties are applied in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Contract. In case of non-payment, you can no longer access your unit.
In case of late payment or payment difficulties, contact your advisors.

Customer reviews for this self storage store

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07 June 2024

Very satisfied


30 May 2024

excellent welcome and advice


24 May 2024



23 May 2024

Everything went smoothly, the safety instructions were top notch, the premises met my needs. Nothing to say, I recommend!


22 May 2024



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