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Students, save money by renting a furniture storage unit

«Save one month’s rent by leasing a unit to store your furniture during the summer»

You’re a student and don’t want to pay rent during the summer months when your school starts end of September, beginning of October. You have found an apartment for the beginning of classes. But it’s far away from your parents’ house and you don’t want to make long trips when school starts to move into it.

How do you simplify the moving process ?
How do you store your furniture and boxes during the summer ?
How do you find a cost-saving but secure solution for your belongings ?

To store your belongings and boxes during the summer, you can rent a furniture storage unit with Annexx.

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Rent a unit for however long you need

Renting a storage unit with Annexx is done without conditions regarding duration of the lease. Therefore, you can rent it for the exact duration you need (a day, a few weeks, a few months…). It’s up to you to decide on what duration you are interested it.
Once you have subscribed to a lease contract, you have free and unlimited access to your storage unit, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week if you need to pick up something, or on the contrary, add items to your storage unit.

A cost-saving offer adapted to students

As a result, as you are the one that chooses the duration of the lease, you only pay for the days you use. Therefore, you can benefit from a reasonably priced offer that saves you money on rent and allows you to store your furniture during the summer.

Enjoy an extra discount on your storage unit lease when you are a registered student !

Furthermore, rent a furniture storage unit adapted to your needs in terms of space. Indeed, you have the possibility of choosing your rental from a range of storage units going from 1m² to 50m² / 11 to 538 sq. ft. (depending on availability).
In order to provide something user-friendly, these storage units are easily accessible when unloading your furniture thanks to a car park at the foot of the building and there is also a double-door elevator to simplify the transport of your heavy furniture.

Ultra-safe furniture storage units

To guarantee the security of your belongings, Annexx has equipped each of its storage units with an individual alarm and padlock. The key to the padlock is unique and belongs to the lessee for the duration of the contract, therefore, they are the only person to have access to the furniture storage unit.
Furthermore, the site is entirely secured by a locked gate which is only accessible with an access code, whether it be to go in or out. The whole building is under video surveillance 24/7 and has a security guard.

A flexible unit-lease contract for students

To allow you to bring your belongings to the storage unit as soon as possible, singing up to the lease contract is quick and simple.

Indeed, with a phone call, an email or a visit to the storage site, you can sign up for a furniture storage unit lease. Once that is done, you immediately have access to your unit (depending on availability) and can start storing your belongings.

Especially since our offer is reasonably priced and there are no administrative fees, alteration costs or cancellation fees. As a result, you can change your contract (for a smaller or larger space depending on your needs) or terminate it completely at no extra costs.

Regarding the termination of your contract, as there is no required duration for the lease, you can terminate your lease at any moment. To that end, you just need to notify us of your contract termination and your departure 15 days before the requested date.