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Moving and relocation : where to store your furniture and boxes ?

You’re on the verge of moving, for personal or professional reasons following a relocation. You are already perfectly organized: your boxes are ready, your lease is terminated, you’ve warned your friends, you’ve even prepared some sandwiches… but you still have a few things to sort out regarding your furniture.

What do you do with your boxes during your move ?
How do you deal with a future lack of space ?

How do you keep your belongings safe during your relocation ?
Where do you store your belongings during your transfer ?

You’re unopened boxes will take up a lot of your personal space and you can’t always store them in your new accommodation. You may also face another problem: the time between leaving your last accommodation and moving into the new one doesn’t exactly coincide.
How do you store your boxes while you wait to move in ?
To store your belongings and boxes while you move or relocate, you can rent a furniture storage unit with Annexx

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A tailored storage solution

Annexx offers storage units adapted to every need. Indeed, you can rent a furniture storage unit from 1 m² to 50m² / 11 to 538 sq. ft. depending on your request and what you need to store in it.
Furthermore, there is no requirement regarding duration when you sign up for a lease. Therefore, you can sign up for a few months, a few days or even years and your belongings will always be safe.

Therefore, with the self-storage system you only pay for the days during which you store your belongings in your unit, depending on the size of the space, which offers a secure and cost-saving storage solution.
Finally, know that once you’ve rented your furniture storage unit, you have free and unlimited access to it. Indeed, you can come to your unit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you wish to pick up or drop off items late at night you can and have the right to do so.

A flexible unit lease contract

You may not have a lot of time between the moment you decide to leave and the official date of your relocation or move. Especially if you have a lot of things to sort out before the day comes.
For this purpose, Annexx makes sure that the lease contract is quick and easy to sign up to. Indeed, you can book your storage unit over the phone, by email or directly at the front desk of your selected location. Once your booking is made and the papers are signed, you immediately have access to your furniture storage unit (depending on availability).

Furthermore, to insure that we offer the best service and help you as best we can, there are no extra fees. You don’t have any administrative fees, alterations costs or cancellation fees. Therefore, if you would like to alter your lease, for example if you wish to pick up some furniture and want a smaller unit, it’s entirely possible to request this change without any extra fees.

The same goes for termination. If you want to empty your unit of your belongings and no longer need Annexx’s services, you only need to notify us of the termination of your contract 15 days before you need to empty it completely.

Ultra-secure units

To guarantee the security of your boxes during their storage in your unit, Annexx has created a comprehensive service.

Annexx’s furniture storage units are equipped so as to guarantee security to its lessees. Thus, every unit is equipped with an individual alarm that is connected to a surveillance company that immediately warns Annexx if it goes off. Each unit must be locked by a padlock that has a unique key. The lessee is the only one to have this key.

Furthermore, the site is monitored with CCTV 24/7. Each site also has a security guard that monitors the site 24 hours a day. Finally, the site is kept closed thanks to a locked gate that only opens with a digital door code that must be entered to go in or out.

Therefore, you can rent a unit with Annexx to store your items while being sure that your belongings are secure.

Everything at your disposal for your move or relocation

You have access to your furniture storage unit as soon as you sign your contract (depending on availability). That same day, you can immediately set up your boxes and furniture. The free car park is situated at the foot of the building to make the unloading easier. On site, hand carts and dollies are at your disposal, free of charge, to help you unload or load your truck.
Our teams are always available to answer all your questions and advise you when you need it. Furthermore, they can help you if you need it.
In addition, Annexx offers a moving guide to ensure that you’ve covered all the bases, and quality supplies and moving boxes for sale at a discounted price. You can buy them directly at the site’s front desk.

With Annexx, find the ideal solution for your move or your relocation with a storage unit you can rent all over France: Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, Toulouse, Perpignan, Nantes, Toulon, Pau, St-Etienne and Paris. Ask for a quote now to rent your furniture storage unit for your move or relocation.