How to choose your storage unit size ?

Choosing the correct unit size is very important. Annexx’s teams are available to advise you. Here are a few leads to start off with, to identify the right size :

  • Step one: Briefly list the items you are planning on storing, including furniture, appliances and bulky belongings that can’t be taken apart or be stored in a box.
  • Step two: Figure out the number of boxes you will be storing in your storage unit.
  • Step three: Use our storage space size guide bellow to figure out the ideal size for your needs.

To give a quick estimate of the required size of your future secure furniture storage unit to store your belongings, do it depending on the size of your apartment. Refer to the following categories :

Storage unit from 1 to 2 m² / 11 to 22 sq. ft.

You can store30 medium boxes (55x35x33cm / 21x14x13 inches). You can, in theory, store the furniture of a small studio apartment up to 18m² / 194 sq. ft.

Storage ideas

A bike, a baby’s bed, a stroller, a Christmas tree and decorations, a single bed, a small armchair, a desk and chair, a bookcase, dismountable furniture, boxes, archives...

Storage unit from 3 to 4 m² / 32 to 43 sq. ft.

You can store 60 medium boxes (55x35x33cm / 21x14x13 inches). You can, in theory, store the furniture of a studio or one-bedroom apartment (a living room and one bedroom) up to 30m² / 323 sq. ft.

Storage ideas

Computer equipment, hi-fi, video equipment, small furniture, a single bed, suitcases, dismountable furniture, boxes, archives, a double bed, a dining table, chairs...

Storage unit from 5 to 7 m²/ 54 to 75 sq. ft.

You can store 150 medium sized boxes (55x35x33cm). You can, in theory, store the furniture of a two-bedroom apartment (two bedrooms and a living room) up to 45m² / 484 sq. ft.

Storage ideas

Some electrical appliances, two 140 cm/55 inch beds, a table and chairs, living room furniture, garden furniture, tooling, archives, a television, large appliances, a mattress...

Storage unit from 8 to 12 m² / 86 to 130 sq. ft.

You can, in theory, store the furniture of a four-room apartment with a terrace or a small house up to 85m²/915 sq. ft.

Storage ideas

A sofa, most of the bedroom furnishings, a dining table and chairs, a coffee table, boxes, a desk, a bookcase, computing, large cupboards, a bed, appliances, garden furniture, archives, tooling, bikes, sporting equipment, a washing machine, a freezer and office supplies.

Storage unit over 12 m² / 130 sq. ft.

You can, in theory, store the furniture of a five-room apartment or a house or offices over 200m² / 130 sq. ft.

Storage ideas

Bedroom furniture (beds, beside tables, cupboards, mattresses), large appliances, a sofa, a coffee table, a table and chairs, furniture, a computer, electronic appliances, garden equipment, tools and work equipment, archives and boxes, bikes, sporting equipment, pianos, large TV screens, a fridge, a freezer, a washing mach...

Advice for correctly storing and protecting your belongings

  • Use sturdy moving boxes or robust plastic boxes of the same size.
  • Avoid using boxes picked up at the supermarket, they are fragile and their different sizes will cause you to waste space.
  • Group your boxes together depending on the fragility of their contents or the weight of the boxes. Place the heaviest boxes at the bottom of the pile and place the fragile items on top. When you move in, stack the boxes four at a time, no more. You can also place boxes on top of robust furniture.

Other than the size of your unit: advice for correct storage

  • Remember to clear an accessible path at the base of your storage space, like a little corridor. You will find that it’s very practical if you wish to pick up or drop off your belongings from time to time, this avoids having to remove everything and putting it in the corridor.
  • You will also have a better view of what you have stored in your unit.
  • Remember to take photos of your unit as you leave, this will help remind you of what you stored away.
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